Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Further comments to the BBC re Jody McIntyre

I have responded to Kevin Bakhurst's editor's blog on the BBC and my comment "awaits moderation." I publish it here just in case it never sees the light of day there.

Dear Mr Bakhurst

It is quite immoral of you to insinuate that the strength of feeling generated by Ben Brown's interrogation (it was not an interview) with Jody McIntyre is some kind of shadowy "internet campaign". I watched the interview yesterday and was appalled by what I saw. I immediately wrote the following complaint to the BBC:
[Here I post my original complaint]

Feeling strongly about it, I then posted the content of the complaint to my blog and tweeted, as I always do with newly published blogs, the fact of its publication. Soon, my tweet had been re-tweeted a number of times and I had been contacted by a number of people who shared my dismay - all of us spontaneously coming to the same conclusions about the interview. We are all individuals but we share a sense of outrage here. Your dismissal of that as an "internet campaign" is insidious, the same insidiousness shown by Ben Brown when insinuating that Mr McIntyre has somehow earned his treatment at the hands of the police.

As for Mr McIntyre being "treated the same" as anyone else, the meanest glance at disability legislation will tell you that provisions must be made for some disabled people so that their treatment can be consistent with the treatment given to others; Ben Brown not allowing a man with cerebral palsy more time to get his answers out, cutting him off and barking at him in the way he might bark at a convicted criminal, is in direct contravention of the act. And as others have said, the suggestion in any case that you would treat Superintendent Julia Pendry or HRH The Prince of Wales in this manner is risible, simply risible.

I am going to take my complaint to Ofcom, as it is clear to me that the BBC is not capable of listening with sensitivity to this complaint.
You can complain to Ofcom here.

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